Moffat – the Valley floor

So as I discover this vast landscape with the Sangres – San Juans and Collegiate Mountain ranges all around for miles and miles and miles – it seems as if there is nothing to explore – but as you look deeper there is a myriad of land to discover – it is the antithesis of Los Angeles – don’t think i could have found another land so opposite – we laugh and say it is like being under a huge magnifying glass – you must face your self and any tactic that worked in a metropolis – will not work in these parts – i found a metal yard with much to explore and found objects of cars to paint on. The Saguache landfill I found to be a riveting place.





Of coarse between us is either Salida or Alamosa – nearest gas, food and provisions. Very interesting to find yourself at least 1 hour away from any commercialism.

Paintings, black light photography and a 6 week job in Boulder – doing all the food for a film called “Marc and Cleo”


144 GRID


Since being in Colorado – art flourishes and so does the real incarnation of “Organic Food Worx” – a raw food dehydrated food company – offering 4 different flavor of cracker crisps and 2 flavor of onion rings done healthy. Although it was journey taken — the “Nine Inch Nail” – it is a difficult land for my family – not much in the way of people – everything is miles and miles away – i can’t say in any way i regret spending time here – in fact it may become a place i can always come back to – just difficult in my circumstances raising 4 kids that have been social and need to continue to grow and flourish





Crestone to Mt. Blanca


In all our conquests – we have decided after 10 months to move to Paonia – located at the central western boarder of Colorado. Great change ahead – trees – grass and a few more people. I will miss the San Luis Valley – something will always have its pull with me there – every-time i drive in – my heart drops a little and there is a sense of home in the vastness.

We shall see where the future leads the next.







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Moffat – Colorado

So after settling in to your new home – I have explored many new things. Center Pivots – which can be 360 or 180 degree watering systems for larger agricultural fields.


As you drive Highway 17 – named the “COSMIC HIGHWAY” – many adventures are there even though it looks like the world of Mad Max – but i have found the landfill – metal salvage yard – joyful journey hot springs – valley view hot springs – goat farms – Yaks all around and magic from every view you take. There is something that happens when you drive into the San Luis Valley that captivates your inner being like no other place.


Crestone is an amazing vortex – with only 150 people living directly in the town – but in the BACA – which is an area designated for spiritual havens – perhaps 1000 people live here year round, but many people travel here to meditate and come to centers specifically for healing.


While here though, my dearest friend in the valley is Doug Lewis – staying with him is the infamous Michael Ruppert – together with Kristen Vigart – they are making music –
New White Trash. I have been blessed to record backing vocals for some of their songs – on the album AGE OF AUTHORITY – even have some art work in the “Music of the Post-Paradigm” collection of the 5×5 art book to accompany the record. Visit: VENICE ARTS CLUB

Doug Lewis
Mike Rupert
Kristen Vigard
and guests!!!!



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So we made it through the winter solstice 2012 – now landed at the base of the Sangre de Cristo – looking straight at Crestone Peak – i makes you feel like you are so insignificant. The Landscape is real like nothing i have ever witness before and the wind feels like we are somehow out at sea. A drastic change from Washington Blvd, – looking across the street at Costco.


Crestone Peak is the seventh highest summit of the Rocky Mountains of North America and the U.S. state of Colorado. The prominent 14,300-foot (4,359 m) fourteener is the highest summit of the Crestones and the second highest summit in the Sangre de Cristo Range after Blanca Peak. The summit is located in the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness of Rio Grande National Forest, 5.0 miles (8.1 km) east by south (bearing 102°) of the Town of Crestone in Saguache County, Colorado, United States.

Crestone Peak rises 7,000 feet (2,100 m) above the east side of the San Luis Valley. It shares its name with the nearby Crestone Needle, another fourteener of the Crestones. The Crestones are a cluster of high summits in the Sangre de Cristo Range, comprising Crestone Peak, Crestone Needle, Kit Carson Peak, Challenger Point, Humboldt Peak, and Columbia Point.




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Many things have changed and i am excited to share with you. I moved to Colorado on the Winter Solstice 12/21/12

It has been a massive change in Art, Life and Inspiration.

Soon i will upload new works of wonder. Been writing and drawing a lot.

Stay tuned

IMG_2475 copy

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Marina Del Rey Dredging Project

Marina Del Rey Dredging Project

I usually take the back roads driving avoiding Lincoln Blvd. Many years have taken me past the canals and through the marina. One day I was invited by a friend to go parasailing. We went to MARINA DEL REY PARASAILING. What a great experience to go up in the air with a giant smiley face up over head.
Sending you smiles from the sky

Mark and his crew are a blast to be out on the ocean with and as we were heading back into the marina I saw the dredger on the barge and was instantly captivated to come back to the site and do a landscape.

When I came back to scout the location the barge was directly in the channel and I realized that this was the Marina Del Rey Dredging Project happening for 40 days to expand the depth and shoreline of the marina for larger boats to get through. The more I researched the more I started to see the deeper symbolism. On an emotional level dredging sometimes is frowned upon, just as there are people unhappy with the project because the sediment clogging the entrance brings out toxins. Only when you dig deep into your emotions, letting the resentment, disappointments and residue go, can you allow space for healing and new opportunities. The best part about the project is that they actually are using the sediment for a harbor redevelopment project in Long Beach. As you see the clamshell dredge Paula Lee, it is an amazing process.

So I arrive at the site and the barge is now moved and perpendicular to the pier and I just didn’t know how I was going to paint it from that perspective, when the barge started to move back as the barges where changing shifts, so that the debris could be moved and enter a fresh barge ready for more of the collected thick, black, and sludgy sand. So I did my drawing in that hour and then again the barge was back in front of the pier.

I was thinking to take that giant panel and do a larger scale landscape, when in the moment I changed course and decided to focus on the Dredge itself, seeing its symbolic and profound message. Some think it is scary, some think it is imperative, I just think it is cool.

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